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Kushiro City
*Nusamai Bridge and the statue of four seasons

  The bridge links from north to souse of
  Kushiro City over the Old Kushiro River.
  There are the statue of four seasons on
  the bridge.  It takes 10 minutes to walk from
  JR Kushiro station.

  It is a restored building of a former Kushiro
  newspaper company.
  a famous poet Ishikawa, Takuboku works there
  as a journalist.
*Kushiro Wasyou fish market
  A well-known fish market of Hokkaido, which
  is popular place for tourists. 
  It takes 3 minutes to walk from JR Kushiro
*Ganpeki robata
  Seafood BBQ restaurant
*Fisherman's wharf MOO
  MOO is the tourist spot, located next to
  Nusamai Bridge. There is a long distance
  bus station.
*Yonemachi Park
  This park stands on a hill.  The view from the
  park is good.
  Yonemachi Furusato Kan is the oldest house
  of Kushiro.

Kushiro Suburbs

*Marsh Land observatory
  Looks like an old-fashioned European
  It takes 30 minutes by a car from Kushiro
*Hosooka Marsh Land observatory
  The scenery from the observatory is
  just beautiful.
  It takes 30 minutes by car from Kushiro
*Crane nature park
It takes 5 minutes by car from Kushiro
  It takes 40 minutes by car from Kushiro


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