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Akan Town
* Akan lake (Bus 75 minutes from Kushiro Station,
   bus 120 minutes from Kushiro airport)
   Akan national park and the lakeside are the hot spring towns representing
   East Hokkaido.
   Famous for a primitive wood and the habitat of the MARIMO, which is a round alga.
   MARIMO observation center by the sight-seeing ship is recommendation.

* Ainu-village (inside of Akan lakeside hot spring town)
  There is the biggest Ainu-village in Hokkaido.
  The store of wood carving and a folk-craft article is located there.
  Old Ainu of a country specification immaterial cultural property is performed.

* TANCYOU NO SATO - Japanese crane observation center
   (Bus 70 minutes from Kushiro station)
   An observation center has the unique building which imaged Japanese crane
   where is located toward the Akan lakeside along a national highway.
   Here are 100 or more Japanese cranes flock in many times in the institution, and
   it is crowded with cameramen and tourist.
   There is an Akan natural rest village where camping space, a hot spring, a hotel,
   a rental cycle, etc. are available, located in the opposite side of a national highway.

Akkeshi Town
* Kokutai Buddhist temple (bus 15 minutes from Akkeshi station)
   One of the EZO official Buddhist temples which is built by the shogunate.
   A crest of a mallow remains at the gate at the historic relics of country
   The inside of the ground has many old wood to the famous place of
   the cherry tree representing East Hokkaido.
   The best time to see is a middle or late of May

*Aikappu cape (from Akkeshi station by bus, then 30 minutes on foot)
  As a breeding ground of a sea bird, famous Daikoku island and famous small
  island spread at hand, and the bell "a bell arch" of the love of a cape is
  popular for a young couple.

* Nenohi park (bus 15 minutes from Akkeshi station)
  There are EZO cherry blossoms and unique uncommon trees.
  It crowded for the Sakura festival and the oyster festival.

* Primeval flower park ,Ayamega-hara (bus 20 minutes from Akkeshi station)
  Japanese iris will bloom all over on the whole surface from the end of June to
  early July, delight a visitor's eye.

* Konkirie seafood restaurant (5 minutes from Akkeshi station on foot)
  It is a seafood restaurant especially oyster is good. The oyster is special
  products of Akkeshi.  It is specified as the road station (Michino Eki).

Onbetu Town
*Pashikuru Late (Almost middle of Onbetsu-Town and Shiranuka Town,
  10 minutes from each town)
  The boarder of lake is the Pacific Ocean, and the national highway
   line of No. 38 is crossing.
   On the outskirts of a swamp, a large parking lot, a toilet, the cookhouse
   for a camp, etc. are available, and there is also several stand shop.

* The best for surf-fishing spot
   Onbetu shore is the best fishing spot.

* Onbetsu relaxation woods (20 minutes from the Onbetsu station)
  There are cherry tree, etc. Institution is also ready and the places of field activity,
  such as the Sakura festival and a camp.

Kushiro City
* Nusamai Bridge (10 minutes from Kushiro station on foot)
   It is the 5th generation which completed in November, Showa era 51,
   over the Kushiro river.
   Four bronze images of the maiden of the four seasons which four typical
   Japanese engravers manufactured are set on the railing.

* MOO-EGG (10 minutes from Kushiro station on foot )
   Next to the Nusamai bridge. The city type institution which collected the
   elements of [drink, eat, buy and relax].
   There are a long distance bus station and the sight-seeing ship in a harbor.

* Kushiro municipal museum (Bus 15 minutes from the Kushiro station)
  The modern architecture of unique appearance. Japanese display grand-prix is
   awarded by the outstanding exhibition article and the outstanding exhibition method.
   City burying cultural-property investigation center.

* Kushiro City Marshland observatory (Bus 30 minutes from Kushiro station)
   View institution of the Kushiro Marshland is completed in Showa era 59.
   The spectacle which not only Marshland but also the Kushiro streets or
   the Pacific Ocean is good.

* Kushiro Wasyo Fish market (3 minutes from Kushiro station on foot)
   It is counted by one of Hokkaido three large markets, and a souvenir spot.
   it is cheap, fresh and popular.

Kushiro Town
* Hosooka Observatory (10 minutes from Kushiro Shitugen Station on foot)
   Famous for Kushiro Marsh land. The Kushiro river winds to the front,
   and a whole view of the Akan mountains range can be commanded for
   the background for which the horizontal scene of Marsh land spreads to
    the limit of a view.  There is a rest institution "Visitor's lounge."

* Lake Takkobu (10 minutes from Hosooka Station on foot)
  The auto-camping place with a rental canoe is situated in the north of
   the lake, and it is connected to a promenade with near Hosooka station.
   There is "Yumegaoka observatory" on the way.

* Iwabokki sluice (45 minutes from Touya station on foot)
  It was built on the branch off point of the Kushiro river and an new Kushiro river
  in Showa era 6, and is the historical inheritance of the ending of Kushiro river flood.

* Shireba Cape(Car 60 minutes, 46km from Kushiro station)
  Beautiful flower will bloom in the upper part of a cape in 6-July,
  and a blue sea and a green blue prairie world spread.

* Kitouushi camp place (Car 35 minutes, 25km from Kushiro station)
   Located to the cliff.

Shibecya Town
* Lake Touro (10 minutes from Touro station on foot)
  The lake of 18km of the circumferences located in the eastern part of
   Kushiro Marsh land.   Fish is cultivated. There are camping space,
   a hometown hall, Motomura park (canoe base) that can rent a canoe,
   and the Eco-museum center "Arukotto" which offers the information
   on Kushiro Marsh land is situated in the lakeside.

* Sarubo observatory (35 minutes from Touro station on foot)
   Located on the northwest hill of Late Touro. The complete view of the
   Kushiro Marsh land. An easy hike course.

* Lake Shirarutoro (10 minutes from Kayanuma station on foot)
   It is situated in the north from Lake Touro. It has the charm of Marsh land,
   and is the paradise of waterfowls, such as a crane and a swan.
   The lakeside has camping space and hot spring stay institution
   "a house of recreation and relaxation KAYANUMA" , and the exercise
    open space also adjoins.

* Tawadaira ( car 10 minutes from Isobunnai station)
   The biggest town farm in Japan. The scene which is visible spreads.
   There are an observatory, a parking lot, rest institution, and camping space.
   The sheep under pasturage is also nearness.

Shiranuka Town
* Shiranuka Koitoi (12km from Shiranuka station)
   It is in the national highway place along the route of No. 38.
   The large parking lot of 66 car accommodation, a restaurant, There is a corner
    which sells and a   local specialty thing.

* Kamicyaro youth travel village (bus 40 minutes from Shiranuka station)
  Camping space along the clear stream of Kamicyaro river.

* Takinoue ravine (Car 30 minutes from Syoro station)
   Near the upper waterfall of upper Takinoue. There are a waterfall, etc.
   The season of fresh green and autumnal leaves is good.

* Airport country club (3 km from Kushiro airport)
  The convenient golf place which is in near distance from an airport. 27 holes.

* Woods and the Higashiyama park (car 5 minutes from Shiranuka station)
  There are an open space and a walk way, the beautiful coastline and the
  Pacific Ocean are seen from an observatory, and there are a monument
  of Ainu, etc inside the garden.

Tsurui village
* Tsurumi-dai (bus 40 minutes from Kushiro station)
  Coming-flying ground of crane. It is in the place on the way to Teshikaga.
  About 200 cranes come flying.
  The crane in the morning haze seen from the nearby Otowa bridge is also charm.

* Green park Tsurui (Bus 60 minutes from Kushiro station)
  It is the open space even an old person can enjoy.
  There is a go-cart, putt golf, etc. and an open space has adjacently hot spring
  stay institution "green parking Tsurui".

* Tsurui Dosanko-horse farm
   The Kushiro Marsh land trekking is available.
    Various course from beginner to upper person.

* Village people's woods (car 50 minutes from the Kushiro station)
   The forest park with an auto-camping place, a observatory with a height of 30m,
   and a water wheel and an institution of barbecue, etc.

Teshikaga Town
* Masyuu hot spring (Bus 5 minutes from Masyuu station)
  The oldest hot-spring village in East Hokkaido, facing Kushiro river.
  The nature of the water of a hot spring is abundant in a transparent water.
  A grand scene is enjoyed fully at a nearby town-ownership sight-seeing
  pasture "900 prairie."

* The lake Masyuu (Car 20 minutes from Teshikaga bus terminal,
  Car 35 minutes Kawayu bus terminal)
  Famous lake of mystery.
  The Onemichi between the 1st and 3rd observatory is recommendation.
  The Kussyaro caldera and The Konsen wilds is also fine.

* Kawayu hot spring (Bus 10 minutes from Kawayu Onsen station)
  The tourist resort. It is surrounded by beautiful forest. The river of hot water
  flows the inside of a town, and it is hot spring emotion perfect.
  Fresh green, autumnal leaves, and especially winter are good.

* Iouzan - sulfur mountain (bus 5 minutes from Kawayu onsen station)
  The active volcano which continues steam activity always.
  A high pine and the natural green garden of a white birch spread, and
  the autumnal leaves of white Tsutuji of early summer and red Urushi
   of autumn are brilliant.

* Lake Kussyaro
  The 2nd largest lake in Hokkaido. The source of the Kushiro river.
  There are a hot spring and tourist resorts, such as Wakoto, Ikenoyu,
  Sunayu and Nibushi.

Hamanaka Town
* Kiritappu Marsh land (bus 15 minutes from Hamanaka station)
  The 3rd largest Marsh land in Japan, which is the registration swamp of the
   Romsar Convention, and the natural commemoration thing of a country.
   It is called a flower Marsh land. From the end of June to mid-July, there
   are colorful flowers.
   A Kirtappu Marsh land center is the popular as a Marsh land information
   base is situated in the western side hill of the marsh land.

* Biwase observatory (bus 20 minutes from the Kiritappu street)
  Kiritappu Marsh land, Kiritappu peninsula, and the Hamanaka bay can be
   commanded, and the scenery also has the evaluation well.

* Kiritappu peninsula (30 minutes from Kiritappu street on foot)
  The east side of the small peninsula which the island of the shape of a flat
  plateau of 40 to 60 m altitude was connected with land.
  From an observatory, strangely shaped rocks and a cliff spread, and
  a lighthouse is also visible.
  A dry places of kelp and wild flowers spread from middle of May to early in July.
  Camping space is also available in a tip part.

* Azechi peninsula (20 minutes from kiritappu street)
  The mini peninsula of the flower which projected toward the Biwase Bay from
  the western side of the cape. The sunset is recommendation.


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